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July 22nd, 2016
Rules Link Updated
I have update the HVBBL Rules link for all Season 7 updates.
- Doug C
Sep. 4th, 2014
Underworld Cup '14
Fellow coaches,

One of our own, Sol, co-hosts an annual Bloodbowl tournament called Underworld Cup. As far as I know, it is the longest running recognized US Bloodbowl tournament. The tournament is November 8 and 9 in Franklin, MI. That is basically Telegraph and 696. I scanned the attendance list and saw 29 confirmed coaches. I also saw as many as 7 coaches from our league attending, including your Commish. I would like to encourage all of you to try and attend this tournament. HVBBL coach Bell won it last year. Lets see if HVBBL can make it two in a row. I have included a link that will give you all the information you need. You can also contact Sol directly through the website or by email. Lets go own this tournament!

- Doug C
June 1st, 2014
Season 4 Officially Over
I want to thank everybody for playing Season 4. It was a good year with a lot of great Bloodbowl memories.

The Championship and 3rd/4th place games were played at my house last night along with coaches who came to watch and cheer on their favorite teams. Full results are posted in the matches section but to summarize here:
Detroit Rat Bastards defeated Hthark's Heroes 3-2. Rat Bastards takes 3rd place overall and received $20. Congrats!
In the championship game, Zog Off defeated Necro Nightmares 2-0 winning the Season 4 title. Zog Off received $30 and the skill fan favorite to any player. Necro chose fan favorite to be added to a random rostered player. Congrats to both!

I want to again thank you all for participating. I also want to thank the coaches who stopped over to watch the games, grill out and play board games. A fantastic evening indeed.

Enjoy the time off.
- Doug C
Apr. 29th, 2014
Playoff Results
This is truly my favorite time of the Bloodbowl year. The postseason! 2 teams are 1 step closer to the HVBBL trophy. I am inspired to share what I know.

Ulthuan Division

Changer of Plays 7-4-5, 26 pts. at Zog Off 9-1-6, 33 pts

This game was played Saturday morning at my house. An epic battle. Zog Off took an early lead. Changer was not gaining any casualty ground and was feeling desperate for a score. In turn 14 his backup ball carrier (the primary one received a serious injury) was trapped along the sideline. Zog Off's coach decided to put the final nail in Changer's coffin by launching a fireball. The result knocked 4 Changer players to the ground, including the ball carrier. Zog Off was not expecting the next series of events. The ball scattered out of bounds and the Zog Off fans threw it back in, 4 paces away from the Zog Off end zone. Zog Off had over committed to the sideline and was unable to reach the ball. Top of turn 15 saw a Changer warrior scoop up the ball and plow his way in for the tying score. Overtime looked guaranteed. But this is Bloodbowl. Anything can happen. Bottom turn 15 saw Zog Off pick up and pass the ball to a blitzer who ran to the left sideline with two orcs protecting. Top turn 16, Changer moved his remaining players into perfect defensive positions and prayed to Khorne and Nuffle to be kind. Zog Off was able to break open a small hole and his blitzer shot through. The blitzer ran his little orc heart out, rolled a gfi and dove into the end zone as time expired. A thrilling 2-1 Zog Off victory.

Zog Off defeats Changer of Plays 2-1

He now waits for the Epoch of Unlife at Hthark's Heroes winner. Will he host Epoch or travel to Heroes stadium in the dark realms? We shall see. It is already being billed as a bloodbath and that's just in the lines to buy tickets!

Naggaroth Division

Poletown Punishers 8-5-3, 27 pts at Necro Nightmares 11-2-3, 36 pts

This game just finished. It was billed as the #1 seed in all of HVBBL at home vs a rookie coach. A no brainer for the great gambling houses in the Old World. But, Poletown's fans made the trip in droves and actually outnumbered the hometown Necro fans. A fantastic showing that inspired Poletown to play beyond their years. The Punishers played with a grit and determination only veteran teams exhibit. They managed to keep the Nightmares at bay and were tied 1-1 at halftime. But there are 2 halves to Bloodbowl and some key turning points in the game occurred in the second half. First, Necro was able to take out the Punishers' star player, Reggie. The Punishers would not be denied though. They were able to get the ball and weave through Nightmare players as if they were standing still. Making dodges that only an elf could make. Could they score and actually take a 2-1 lead with 3/4 of the game gone? A final streak to the end zone...adrenaline pumping..a go for it was attempted..just a little more...a stumble...but a re roll was attempted and NO! the Punisher collapsed to the ground losing the ball and a chance at glory. Necro was able to gather up the ball, work his way down the other side and score in the bottom of turn 15. A thrilling victory for Necro and a devastating defeat for the young Punishers. The Punishers coach has threatened revenge. Perhaps next year.

Necro Nightmares defeats Poletown Punishers 2-1

Necro now waits to host the winner of the Quetzal Conquerors at Detroit Rat Bastards game. We all can't wait to see the game on Cabalvision.

- Doug C
Oct. 20th, 2013
2013 Underworld
The HVBBL would like to thank Sol and Ryan (Season 3 Champ) for hosting an awesome tournament this weekend. You two did an excellent job. HVBBL would also like to recognize the following current coaches: Michael (1st place!) , Alex B (best defense-2tds against in 5 matches), Max, Lindsay, Dennis, Roger Sr, Roger Jr, and me. HVBBL would finally like to recognize former member Trevor who took 2nd place. Nice job everybody!

HVBBL appreciates the turnout from our coaches. It is this kind of community involvement that makes our league the best. For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope you can join us next year.

A reminder: Week 4 league matches need to be played by end of day Thursday, October 24. And payment for Season 4 is due by October 31 for Brian and Al.

Again, thanks Sol and Ryan for a great weekend.
- Doug C
Sep. 14th, 2013
Season 4 Underway
Fellow coaches, Season 4 is well under way. I am about to load the last matches for Round 1 and then it's on to Round 2!

We've had several resets resulting from Round 1. Bloody games. I like it. Keep up the good work on the pitch.

If you have any questions, please contact me. Use the coach's list to obtain my contact info.
- Doug C
Aug. 11th, 2013
Season 3 Officially Over!
Fellow coaches, we made it. Season 3 has officially ended. I have posted the results of all the matches online and will highlight some of them here. I will also list all the prize winners and final tournament standings.

First, the playoffs.

A hearty congratulations to Ryan, coach of Stop Looking At Me Slann..who was able to defeat Roger, coach of Epoch of Unlife 3-2. Way to go Ryan! And congrats to you, Roger, for getting to the Championship game. You two are elite coaches for sure.

The 3rd/4th place matchup pitted Michael's Skavenblight Scurriers against Trevor's Young Guzzlers. The Scurriers were slowed down in typical dwarf fashion and the Guzzlers were able to hold on to a 2-1 victory. Congratulations to Trevor and Michael for making this far!

Prizes for our playoff winners:

1st Place: Ryan receives a cash prize of $30. Stop Looking At Me Slann.. also receives a Season 4 Bloodbowl team boost but since they are retiring, this benefit will not apply. Most importantly, next time I see Ryan, he will get his picture with the HVBBL trophy! Nice job Ryan!

2nd Place: Roger has chosen to receive a Season 4 Bloodbowl team boost in the form of a Fan Favorite skill assigned to a random player on his roster. This boost will be good for Season 4 only as long as the player lives. This player will also receive a 5spp bounty which can be collected if this Fan Favorite player is killed. Congrats Roger!

3rd Place: Trevor receives what Roger did NOT choose. That is a $20 cash prize. Congratulations Trevor!

Now on to the tournament results.

Our prize winners are:

1st Place: Lombard Lances, coached by Chuck. He wins a cash prize of $30. The Lances earned 16pts consisting of: 3 wins,+12 tds,-4 tds,+4 cas and -5 cas. Nice job Chuck!

2nd Place: ZOG OFF, coached by Alex B. He wins a cash prize of $20. ZOG OFF earned 12pts consisting of: 2 wins, 1 tie, +3 tds,-1 tds,+9 cas and -6 cas. Nice job Alex!

3rd Place: For the Fallen, coached by Sky. He wins a cash prize of $15. Fallen earned 9pts consisting of: 1 win, 2 losses, +5 tds,-6 tds,+14 cas and -7 cas. Nice job Sky!

Last Place: Grave Diggers, coached by Justin. He wins a cash prize of $5. Diggers earned -13pts consisting of: 3 losses, +2 tds,-7 tds,+1 cas and -9 cas. Better luck next time, Justin.

Random: Showing no exceptional skill and landing right in the middle of the pack, Sore Winners wins the random prize of $10. He managed to play all three games and that along with some luck gets him the prize. Way to be lucky, Nick!

Congratulations again to all our winners!

Well, that is all for Season 3. For those of you moving on to Season 4, I will be sending an email out later this week with some action items required. For those of you who are saying goodbye to us, thanks for making this season a really fun one and hopefully we'll see you in the future.

See you all on the Pitch!
The Commish
- Doug C
June 12th, 2013
Notes for Week 16 and Postseason
Below you will find my Week 16 email.

Fellow coaches, we made it. The regular season is officially over. What a ride. A few things to note before playoffs and tournament.

1) Week 16 bounties:

TD's: Hieon Adderley (2), Lombard Lances
CAS: Thrak (2), Hthark's Heroes

2) Final Standings. I have attached the final standings to this email. It shows the 8 playoff teams and the 12 tournament teams. 2 teams are not advancing to the tournament.

3) Our playoff matches are as follows:

Old World, Reikland Division: Hthark's Heroes (10-2-3, 33pts) at Stop Looking At Me Slann..(13-1-2, 41pts)
Old World, Ulthuan Division: The Brofessionals (7-3-1, 22pts) at Skavenblight Scurriers (7-7-2, 23pts)
New World, Naggaroth Division: Young Guzzlers (6-4-6, 24pts) at Couriers for Disease Contribution and Promotion (7-4-5, 26pts)
New World, Karak Karaz Division: Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodbowl (10-2-4, 34pts) at Epoch of Unlife (13-0-3, 42pts)

4) Before I determine tournament matchups, I am giving all tournament eligible coaches an opportunity to reset their teams. Thats right, you may reset your team if you are in the tournament. Your deadline to reset your team is Thursday, June 13 at 5pm. I will not accept late entries. Once that deadline passes, I will load them into the system and create Round 1 matchups. As a reminder, Round 1 is random, Rounds 2 and 3 are Swiss pairings.

5) Please note that bounties and injuries will carry through the postseason. MNG injuries will not carry over to Season 4 but anything higher (niggle, stat break, death) will carry over. Oh and so will bounties. Yeah, you heard me.

That is all for now. If you are in the tournament and would like to reset, you have until Thursday at 5pm. No later.

Good luck everybody.

The Commish
- Doug C
Feb. 12th, 2013
Notes for Week 8
Below you will find excerpts from my weekly email:

Week 9 begins the new inducement rules. They are as follows:
An underdog team may transfer up to 40k max from their team treasury into petty cash without a change in TV or penalty in order to supplement the purchase of inducements. If both teams have the same TV, then the normal petty cash and TV rules apply.

The rules for spiraling expenses is 5x CRP. Also, payment for spiraling expenses will be due before each match. When you calculate TV at the beginning of the match (page 1 of the match report, near the top) that will be your TV for spiraling expenses. And it will be payable before the match starts.

Bounties for week 8:
For most TD's, there was a tie between 5 players, each with 2 TD's: Pedro, Stop Looking At Me Slann..., Hieon Adderly, Lombard Lances, Terell Browens and Antonio Bromartie, The Brofessionals and Serena, Grave Diggers. Since Terell Browens already earned this honor in week 6 he is not eligible AGAIN. So, the winner is.......Pedro!! Congratulations! You just earned a 5 spp target. We can't wait to mess you up and keep your TV down.

For most CAS there was a 5-way tie, each with 2 CAS: Tramon Williams, Acme Packmen, Mape "Punisher" Thorg, Brothers of the Void, "Billy" the Club, Stop Looking At Me Slann..., and Sores and Dump Truck, Couriers for Disease Promotion. And our winner is...Mape "Punisher" Thorg!! Nice job. You play one friggin' game and already you have a 5 spp bounty on your head.
- Doug C
Jan. 13th, 2013
Notes for Week 7
Below you will find excerpts from my weekly email:

Bounties for week 6 are as follows: There was a seven way tie for most TD's (2). Our winner is: TD's (2) - Terekk Browens, The Brofessionals. Most CAS (4) - Olin, Franklin Hills Wolfpack. 5 spp's to anyone who can hurt these guys. Everybody go get them! (except my guy). A reminder, the website says 500k in gold, but in reality, there is no money for collecting. Only the 5spp's.

13 coaches have donated to the website cause. Please let me know if you intend to donate $10 to help keep and customize our website. Deadline to contribute is by end of week 8. I can receive Paypal personal gift x-fers at jdurgis@aol.com. I can also receive cash at the GW store. Michael may also be able to collect and take your name. Thanks to the 13 coaches who have contributed. I appreciate it!!

Please mark all FOULS if they result in a BH or above on your match report. Although your player does not get SPP for it, your team does get a CAS. That counts in a tie breaker scenario at the end of the season.

Finally, and most important, due to some shifting sands at the GW store, there is a new rule for what minis to use if you want to play your matches AT THE STORE. All teams will now be required to use GW miniatures or converted miniatures using GW parts effective immediately. There is a special exemption for us in HVBBL. We are grandfathered in. So that means you may continue to use your current minis (no matter what they are) until one of two things happen. 1) you retire your team 2) the season ends. Retiring your team and bringing back the same race still counts as retiring your team. The season will end in late June/early July. So, if you do not retire your team before the season ends, you have 5-6 months to acquire a GW team before we start Season 4. For me personally, that means I need to find replacements for my 2 ulfs and my snow troll.

Now, let me clarify this a little bit more. This is a rule for playing your matches at the GW store only. Our league is private. In our league. you can use any minis you want, as long as you play your matches outside the GW store (my house, your house, Panera Bread, etc). This rule only applies if your match will be played inside the Rochester Hills GW store. If you have any questions re: this new rule, please let me know.
- Doug C
Dec. 6th, 2012
Notes Through Week 4
Some excerpts from my Mid Week Email:

1) Bounty clarification. Please note that the bounty for marked players is 5 SPP's. The website has 500,000gp but that was just to mark the player online. The actual bounty is 5 SPP's. Must be a lasting injury (N or higher). Here is a list through week 3 of the players willing to give rewards for their injuries:

Week 1: Billy the "Club" - Stop Looking at Me Slann...(CAS), Corpych - Skavenblight Scurriers (TD's)
Week 2: Abaddon - Epoch of Unlife (CAS), Donald Driver - Acme Packmen (TD's)
Week 3: Morgoth - Token's Pact (CAS), Sivany - Epoch of Unlife (TD's)

You can look these guys up on the website by clicking on the left side "Records" and the "Bounties".

2) Resetting your team. I have received a few questions about resetting teams. So, I would like to clarify how and when you can do it. First, you may reset your team at any time during the season. There is no cutoff in terms of a final week to reset. Heck, if you want, you can reset in week 14, for example, in preparation for season 4. There are a few rules you must follow in order to legally reset your team.
a) You must do it before your next scheduled match.
b) You must give me at LEAST 1 day to enter the new team into our website. If you show up for your week 5 match, for example, with a piece of paper saying this is your new team, then you are out of luck. The website roster is the official one and you must use the website roster.
c) Your submitted roster must be a Chaos Cup build (see details for the build on our website) and your players must be NAMED.
d) Your record for the new team will also reset. You will not carry over the record of any previous teams (you will start 0-0-0).

3) Are you a member of NAF? If not, why? It is our worldwide Bloodbowl organization. the website is: www.thenaf.net. In this organization you can look up other coaches, create or look up tournaments or leagues near you, read rules and strategy and countless other things. You also get COOL block dice. Cost is only $10 for a 1 year membership. How do you sign up? Well, I've made it really easy for you. Just see Michael Bell and tell him you're interested in becoming a member. Give him $10 and he will do the rest. He even has dice! Thanks, Michael!
- Doug C
Nov. 1st, 2012
Rules Re: Bounty Ties and Team Tiebreakers
Two rules for y'all.

First, there will only be 1 bounty issued each round for most TDs and 1 bounty for most CAS. In the event of a tie, the Commish will perform a roll-off.

Second, teams will be ranked at the end of the year based on points. Tiebreakers are number of games played followed by TD differential + CAS differential, then a Commish coin flip.

I have updated the official rules page with these clarifications.
- Doug C
Oct. 21st, 2012
Records Page
I have added a records page. Go check it out. Bounties to follow.

Be sure and schedule your match. You must play your Round 1 match by Thursday, November 1. Don't make me or Michael have to go "Commish" on you.
- Doug C
Oct. 18th, 2012
Breaking News- Skill Ups
So, Don't Look At Me Slann.. totally had their way with Hthark's Heroes, and , as a result, Ryan was able to skill up a catcher right away (can you say bounty?). We found out that THE WEBSITE will make your skill roll for you. There is no need to roll your skill after the match and mark up the match report. So, after you accurately fill out your match report and submit it to me for review, I will log it into the site. Then you can go in and have the site roll your skill and you can pick it. No manual picking. Must be done on the site.
- Doug C
Oct. 18th, 2012
Latest Questions Answered and Such
This is straight from the email I sent out earlier in the day. All for your reference.

1) Someone asked which team was home and which team was away on the website matchups. The first team listed would be the away team. So: Team A vs Team B, Team A is away and Team B is home.

2) Someone asked about match report submission. Do I prefer hardcopy or email? At this point, I am not sure what to prefer. Whatever is easier for you, the coaches, when you play your matches. We will work it out as the season progresses. There are hardcopies available at the store (sometime this afternoon) and I sent Round 1 reports out via email yesterday.

3) At the bottom of the match reports, there is a section called "Post Game Notes". Please use this section to indicate any NON SPP injuries. For example- player #1 mng from a foul or player #5 niggling from crowd or player #7 dead from stab or player #16 dead from failed dodge. This will help clarify the "Sustained Injuries" earlier in the report.

4) Bounties. In order to collect a bounty, the player must sustain the lasting injury. For example, if your guy causes a NI to a bounty player, but the coach apos the bounty player to a BH, then you are out of luck collecting the bounty. Please let me know if this is not clear. Bottom line, apos can ruin your chances at collecting a bounty.
- Doug C
Oct. 18th, 2012
The Site is up and Running!
Hello all! Just a quick shout to say the site is up and running. All of your rosters have been loaded. I am still missing NAMES for some teams so please submit via email your player names.
- Doug C

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